Innovating the world by inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.


STEM Stars Camps offer each camper the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of their starting point. Camp Director, Christine Marsden, and her teachers offer a positive fun learning environment, one in which campers can thrive under the direction of motivated and highly skilled teachers. Before and upon arrival, all campers are evaluated by the teachers and leadership interns so that their own instructional needs can be addressed throughout the week. 



Become a STEM Innovator

At STEM Stars Camps in beautiful Bucks County, PA, the science and math teachers give personalized instruction on how to become smarter by improving your problem solving, critical thinking, process design, time management and mental strength.

Choose You Be The STEMIST, or code with the CSL or GEM Program experience, which more closely incorporates computer science, physics and mathematics methodology. All camps include specialized instruction tailored to the specific needs of each student. These personalized camps are based on an initial survey and evaluation by our professional teaching staff.

Camp highlights:

  • Learn from certified STEM teachers who teach all aspects of science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Daily gaming and strategies with campers
  • A healthy and positive learning environment to help every camper get smarter!



Camp Teachers

Christine Marsden

AP Chemistry/Biology, CR H.S. South

B.S. Biochemistry, M.Ed. Secondary Education, Bucknell University

French Culinary Arts Degree, The French Culinary Institute, NY, NY

Matthew Ciaudelli

Physics/Biology, CR H.S. South

B.S. Biological Sciences and Psychology, Minor in Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh

M.Ed. Secondary Science Education, Temple University

Jessica Caraccio Hamilton

Maureen S. Welch Elementary School

Bachelors in Elementary Education K-6, University of Florida

Masters in Special Education 

Dr. Julie Eastburn - Mentor

Masters in Elementary Education K-6 

CR District Math Coordinator/Teacher 

Tomorrow's Leaders

Attending camp is a step towards successful future. We teach kids HOW to think, lead, and achieve. We know that to inspire students, we have to fuel their imagination.

Teachers of Innovation

We inspire children to lead the STEM revolution. We believe in the drive we know as scientific curiosity, that fire and that inspiration. As teachers, it is our job to ignite it by sharing our excitement for discovery and investigation.


Dedicated Educators


We know that learning is easier when you have a dynamic teacher. Our summer camp faculty are Council Rock high school and elementary STEM teachers. Our class size is private with a 12:1 student to teacher ratio and a 4:1 student to science leader ratio.

First-Rate Curriculum


All learning is based on real world concepts and popular interests, guided inquiry, and experiential teamwork. Lessons are based on STEM fundamentals and NGSS and PA Science and Math Standards. SIgn up for high quality personal attention to developing children on an individual basis.

Commitment to STEM


The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is a national organization that advocates for 21st century readiness. Its “Framework for 21st Century Skills,” outlines 4Cs of STEM - critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Register and experience the 4Cs, the foundation of our summer camp.