Camp Experiences

Force, Friction and Energy


To prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, students must learn STEM concepts and engage in practical experiences that demonstrate how these concepts apply in the real world. Baylor College of Medicine and Hess Corporation teamed to offer a unique resource for teaching STEM content to students. This week we use the 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster and perform activities on forcerice, motion, friction, and energy.

Mini Smart Homes


Students will think big as they build mini homes filled with tech gadgets. Our lesson is a place for your child to dream up and design a smart home that does what they program it to do, like save energy and do chores. They will design unique furniture and accessories and find green solutions to make it efficient.

Light Sabre Lasers


STEM Stars work in pairs to see how mirrors reflect light and can redirect it at different angels. We'll bounce a laser light off of three, four and then five mirrors, strategically changing angles to target our drawings. Students design, build, test and roll out laser angles to find success. Instructors demonstrate how industries use lasers that are concentrated beams of light and can cut through glass, metal, and plastic.

Mystery Liquids


STEM Stars become chemists and define acids, bases and neutral substances. We will test everyday substances such as coffee, lemon juice, soap, cola, water, shampoo, ketchup and more. Finally, we will use pH paper and an indicator scale to identify the pH levels and classify substances as acidic or basic.



We'll begin our STEM Crime Scene Investigation at summer camp by analyzing our own fingerprints and deciding if we have whirls, swirls or arches. Then, we'll perform handwriting analyses, shoe prints, blood typing and use or information to solve a crime of our local Newtown, Holland and Yardley summer campers. 

I Cu


A chemistry copper (Cu) lab demonstration where we'll learn about acids and bases  and turn black solid, copper oxide, into a clear blue solution. When we do this, we'll watch the black solid disappear! Students will carefully add a small amount of magnesium and stir to observe an orange copper powder reappear. Finally, we will demonstrate solution filtration using a funnel and filter paper.

Drag Racing


Dragsters have a special property: inside there’s a movable weight. This can shift the center of mass. The center of mass of an object is the average distribution of the object’s weight. STEM Stars will learn how the center of mass affects the dragster. They will also learn how to do a “burnout” and a “jackrabbit start.” Afterwards, groups will race their dragsters in a World Championship Drag Racing Tournament!

Egg in a Bottle


STEM  Summer Camp Students learned about the relationship of local temperature and air pressure in Newtown and Holland, PA in camp as they got a hardboiled egg into a bottle.

Wind-up Toys


Mechanical engineers often need to understand how gadgets work to fix or improve them.  In this lesson, STEM Stars work for STEMS Toy Company who's mission is to create fabulous new wind up toys. The assignment is for students to figure out how their company's current wind up toys operate.

Creative Creature Design


The creative creature blends many important aspects of science and invention with the challenge of stimulating creativity and imagination. In the lesson, STEM Stars are challenged to create a unique creature. We set goals to design, build, power, and let it run on the table top. This lesson promotes teamwork and problem solving skills to make hypotheses and build new knowledge and inspiring inventiveness.

Newspaper Towers


Students work in teams to design and construct model towers out of newspaper. Students get a limited supply of newspaper, tape and scissors to parallel real-world limitations faced by engineers. Students test for height and stability and “wind” load.

Bridge Building


This civil engineering activity will teach students about various types of bridges. We'll talk about what civil engineers do for their jobs and become familiar with the engineering design process. Then, we will design, build and test the environmental strength of bridges we implement with limited materials.

CSL: Coding is a Second Language Curriculum

An Unusual Discovery


Two characters meet in a world and discover a surprising object. Students decide what happens next by creating a story with coding a summer camp adventure.

Create Your Google Logo


Be a designer and immerse yourself in computer programming! Bring the Google logo to life using code in our Holland, Yardley, and Newtown summer camp.

Digital Storytelling


Students use computer programming and science at summer camp to tell fun and interactive stories. We emphasize creativity and encourage students to tell a unique story each day at our Holland, Yardley and Newtown camp. 

High Seas Activity


In this summer camp activity students animate an ocean wave in coding a setting, then computer programming a story that takes place on the high seas.

Gumball's Coding Adventure


We added coding to our summer camp. Computer programming is essential to STEM learning. So, our summer in Holland, Yardley and Newtown camps offer a selection of SCRATCH coding fun.

Music and Sound


In Music & Sound, students play musical notes, create a music video, and build an interactive music display while learning how to create music with computer programming and coding SCRATCH.