Challenge Yourself


Banana Box

Campers will create a lunch container that can open and close and that protects a banana from bruising. They will design, build and then roll out their projects with team presentations.

The Floating Carrot

This is discovery science at its finest! Campers will float a carrot on a water solution and then present their findings to the class.

Happily Hidden Camouflage

Students will sing about habitats, find hidden animals in National Geographic photos and then create a habitat and a creature that is camouflaged from view. 

Toy Company

Mechanical engineers often need to understand how devices work to fix or improve them. Campers will work for a toy company that wants to create fabulous new wind-up toys. Their assignment will be to figure out how your company’s current wind-up toys work.

Bug Bots

Campers will build a mini robot using principles of engineering and circuits.

LightSabre Lasers

Industry uses lasers are concentrated beams of light that can cut through glass, metal, and plastics.   

Campers will see how mirrors reflect light and can redirect light at different angles. To bounce a laser light off three mirrors, strategically changing their angles to target your drawing.