Engineering mini smart homes


Engineering Design and Build

We only engineer them once a season! STEMists think big as they build mini homes filled with tech gadgets. We will dream up and design a home that does what we program it to do, like save energy and do chores. We will cover the basics of CAD design and 3-D print unique furniture. We will harvest blackberries to build a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) and measure its electrical characteristics. At STEM Stars, our STEMists will take engineering, physics and chemistry from the abstract into the everyday world!  


 We embark computer programming with Tello drones use the fly and yaw navigation blocks, along with the loop block, to put  skills into action by accomplishing a task. Using DroneBlocks, students will control a drone to perform a complete inspection of their Smart Home, which is virtually quite large. They will be sure to follow the path precisely and not miss inspecting any part of the home's perimeter!

The 'M' in STEM

 Research shows that math skills are the number one predictor of academic success. We connect math learning with our smart home design and build. Math is the language needed to engineer new technologies and find solutions. Math skills are seamlessly integrated in the architecture, engineering, and environmental science of this course .