Girls Engineering Magnificence

Girls Engineering Magnificence

Our STEM for Girls camps empower emerging leaders today, with the skills they need to conquer the world tomorrow. Join us today!

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Our 'Girls Only STEM' camp explores innovation, engineering and technology while we build leaders of tomorrow. 




Coding Theme: Friends

The coding theme, Friends, introduce students to core computer science concepts. In Friends, students either sign up with a friend or make a new friend in class. Friends emphasizes teamwork as students tell the story of how their friendship started and imagine a company together.

Enroll and give your daughter a solid programming foundation. 


Tello EDU Drones - Weeks 1 & 2

We begin the week with safety, flight training and navigation commands such as take-off, landing, ascent and decent. As we discover the foundational commands we challenge students with fun and engaging lesson that will gets them to think creatively in a team environment. In week 2, The Medicine Deliver Project will as student to deliver medicine from Point A to Point B. It is a challenge that presents a real-world scenario where drones can be used for good. Schedule your delivery today!


Engineering Smart Homes - Week 2

 Girls think big as they build mini smart homes with tech gadgets and green solutions. Our girls dream up and design a smart home that does what they program it to do, like save energy and do chores. They will design and print unique 3D furniture and accessories and find eco-friendly and efficient solutions with Dye-sensitized Solar Cell technology.


What is her opinion?


Girls utilize critical thinking skills and project based learning so  they how her thoughts and opinion really do matter. We encourage girls to engineer and present what she creates and believes in.  Enroll today!


Her boundaries are limitless


 We teach girls how to think, lead and achieve.  We let our girls make decisions and give them opportunities, work through difficult choices and build decision-making skills to create her limitless future. Learn more.

She is a future leader


 We empower our girls to be thinking, discerning, caring individuals capable of making good choices in all areas of their lives.