Sports STEM

Kinetic Coordination


  Have you ever seen energy transferred through a chain reaction in any sport? Our body parts link together to create motion, to create chain reactions. Kinetics is the force can alter or create motion. Let's make our bodies kinetic chains and move the ball.

Swing Physics


Discover how torque, centripetal force, and the double-pendulum effect combine to produce high club head speed during a golf swing.  

Grand Slam STEM


How do you unleash a powerful forehand? Sir Isaac Newton and his Second Law of motion ensures that your racket force of acts on the ball. We learn how to maximize acceleration and score winning shots.

Pit Crew Challenge


Form a team and learn about the scientific principles a driver and his crew must think about during the course of a race.

Football Bingo


Who wants to play? Grab the football science playbook and discuss the highlights, science principles, positions, and actions of the game. Then, tackle football physics.



To sink a basketball through the hoop, swish or no swish, a player uses the parbolic arc. We calculate the ideal free-throw angle so that the ball arcs over and up high enough to swish through the basket from above.