You Be The STEMIST Curriculum


Engineering Mini Smart Homes

We only engineer them once a season! STEMists think big as they build mini homes filled with tech gadgets. We will dream up and design a home that does what we program it to do, like save energy and do chores. We will design and 3-D print unique furniture. We will harvest blackberries to build a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) and measure its electrical characteristics. At STEM Stars, our STEMists will take physics and chemistry from the abstract into the everyday world! 

Kitchen Science

 Each day we will do edible experiments and look at the science behind how it all works. At camp will examine chemical, biochemical, biological, microbiological, and physics principles of recipes. Food topics include guacamole and salsa, cookies - death by chocolate, pancakes, molecular gastronomy, pasta and meatballs and ice cream

Tello EDU Drones and Obstacle Courses

 We embark computer programming with Tello drones and take excellent pictures, use computer science to fly it with intelligent flight modes, and program it at summer camp using different coding languages. In camp we code with SCRATCH. In our Holland, Newtown and Yardley camps, we will divide ourselves into teams, build obstacle courses based on course specifications, program the drones to fly the course and then race to victory.     

The 'M' in STEM

Research shows that math skills are the number one predictor of academic success. We connect math learning in the classroom to logical thinking and effective problem solving in real life.

Math is the language needed to Engineer new Technologies. We provide the math as a basis to understand and model so our campers find successful solutions to the challenges they face.